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Welcome to The Dragon Storm Monthly Riddle Contest!

Do you have what it takes to match wits with Alexander Storm and Company? Think so? Well, then you've come to the right place. Every month Mr. Storm will post a new riddle, much like readers experienced in The Dragon Storm: GATES. Do the research ... follow the clues ... submit your answer here by the 26th of every month for a chance to win that month's prize. 

Prizes include autographed books and merchandise, as well as various items from the hordes of books, antiquities and treasure located in Dragon Loch Castle.

*No Purchase Necessary to Enter. 

Contest Ends at 11:59 PM (EST) on the 26th of Each Month. 

Winner will be chosen at Random from Multiple Correct Entries.

Winner Must Supply a Valid Mailing Address to Receive Prizes.
By Entering Contest, You Agree to be Added to Site Mailing List.

Storm Dragon Holdings Ltd reserves the right to substitute Prize.
Open to U.S. Continental residents only. Sorry postage is expensive.

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January / February 2024 Answer: The Shroud of Turin - Winner: John Kerwin
December 2023 Answer: Nazca Lines - Winner: Patrick T. Crown
Winners always announced live on upcoming episodes of
The Dragon Storm: Ancient Myths, Legends and Lore (YouTube).

Thanks for submitting your answer. Watch your email for end of contest announcements!

This MonthsRiddle

I am a shadowy vision

of the world that was

A pool full of night

Freezing nature's laws

A pit full of time

Filled with bones and claws

An inescapable fate

For those who wandered

my shores ...

 - Alexander Storm


This Month's Prize ...

The semi-aquatic Spinosaurus was an absolutely massive dinosaur. Measuring between 41 to 59 feet long (12.6 to 18 meters), it beat out most other carnivores of the Cretaceous Period—even Tyrannosaurus rex. It was an adaptive hunter as well, likely hunting prey both on land and in the water.

For Spinosaurus, it's teeth were one of it's most important assets—now, 95 million years later, you can win your own!

This fossilized tooth was discovered in modern day Morocco by Mr. Storm himself, in the former prehistoric river system now known as the Kem Kem Beds. Spinosaurus teeth are characterized by being straight and conical, without serrations. 

Clearly an impressive addition to any collection. This piece comes directly from Dragon Loch, secure in a labeled case from Alexander Storm's Private Collection. Arrives with a private note from Alexander and whatever else he decides to throw in the box. Good Luck. "Fight the Darkness"


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